I fly high, so high in the sky

Lifted into an endless peace

In this place up above the calm is comforting

All worrying thoughts ceasing to exist

I am freed from the grime and crime below

So high so endless, rejuvenating to the soul

Wish I could be in this state always

My thoughts travel here often

Running away from the woes of life

When it has me down and out

When the world enforces a drought and I thirst for life

Let’s take a deep breath, letting the wind take away all despair

Replacing the air with cool and crispy motivation

Up in this place I am not pressed down by problems

I stand up proud and strong, looking down from my cloud of strength and confidence

My mind is clear yet alert

Time moves on and I push on


Eji- Lou (Balance)



About Balanced Soul

Leeds, United Kingdom French-English translator. I love to learn & grow & empower; all about playfulness, laughter, love, creativity, curiosity, gratitude, optimism, and wisdom. :)
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