Day 1 0f 30 – Something about Me!

My name is Ejila Louise Mak. My friends call me Ejila or Jiji, My family and closest friends call me Eji, and one of my best friends insists on calling me Louise 🙂

It is safe to say I love all my friends and family and respect them as I have learnt that there is loads that can be learnt from every single one of them and that everyone is unique in their ways but all together we really are awesome. Most of them have been my strength.

I love life, and all it has to offer. It wasn’t meant to be easy but with every trials we learn to be better and grow at every turn. Bust mostly I believe that looking back at past mistakes, they now offer more laughter than disappointment; the comedy of life. As Charlie Chaplin says: “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

I am a freelance translator/ interpreter. Mostly working with legal immigration, which I have to keep schtum about. I am a native French speaker living in the UK. I specialise in both French and English; while I learn Spanish. I have recently developed a passion for languages : Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Swahili are on the list of those I wish to learn.

I love sports, music and dancing. I do not have the best voice but I cannot help but sing along to everything I listen to. What most of my friends do not know is that I used to be in a classical choir and I miss that; though I should have taken better care of my voice.

I opt for manual works rather than gadgets, but in my favourite lists of hobbies would be guitar, PS3, writing (pen and paper never get old), comics, reading, basket ball, outdoor activities…

I love cooking and baking. But mostly feeding others. Love the way my siblings come running at the table as soon as I place down meals, like @ a soup kitchen. And I have to add that helping at a soup kitchen is definitely in the plans.

Well, in terms of bad things to happen: I have to say that 2009 was not the best year of my life. I never thought I’d get over it but I have and I have learnt a lot from that. I have a closed friend to thank for that; he didn’t offer judgement but just took me back to church. And since then I haven’t thought of myself less than what I believe I can be and live every day as I ought to to get closer to my goals. It is not an easy journey but such is life.

Above all God is the essence of my being as He is love, forgiveness, mercy, patience and so much more. If you ask He is all we want to be, so a good starting point. And He is closely followed as role model by my dad, who I’ve adored since I was a wee child, and mother who has been a goddess model to learn from.

Well, that is all for now!


About Balanced Soul

Leeds, United Kingdom French-English translator. I love to learn & grow & empower; all about playfulness, laughter, love, creativity, curiosity, gratitude, optimism, and wisdom. :)
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